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Throughout his life, Buckley obsessively kept journals chronicling his goals, inspirations, aspirations, and creative struggles.

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His diaries amount to one of the most insightful life chronicles any musical artist has ever left behind. Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice will mark the first-ever publication of Buckley's account of his journey through his handwritten diaries and lyrics. Combined with reproductions of other memorabilia, including letters, notes, and unpublished lyrics — the book will take readers deep inside Buckley's creative mind and personal life. For those who grew up listening to Jeff's music and for those who are just discovering it, Jeff Buckley: His Own Voice will be an intimate portrait of one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century in his own extremely vibrant words and never seen before lyrics.

He lives in Manhattan. From intimate backstage shots to huge stadium concerts, time spent at home to rubbing shoulders with famous friends, the photographs in this book represent the very best of this archive, with most of the images being shown here for the first time. From presidents to pop stars, he has photographed the frontline of fame for more than six decades. He photographed The Beatles and The Rolling Stones when they were still struggling young bands in , pioneered backstage reportage photography with David Bowie, Elton John, The Who, Eric Clapton and Chuck Berry and his images have adorned historic rock albums, movie posters and international magazine covers.

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Talented, enigmatic, audacious. I loved every second. Containing rare and never-before-seen photographs, their work together includes images from the last Ziggy Stardust performance, recording sessions for Young Americans and the renowned studio portraits for Diamond Dogs — plus live shows, film shoots, backstage moments and more.

With more than photographs, this is the ultimate portrait of an inspiring, challenging and ever-changing artist. Jo Wood A completely unique, never-before-seen look inside the mad world of the Rolling Stones, with unseen photographs, drawings, letters and memorabilia. This is a unique window into the making of music history.

She met Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood at a party in and fell in love, marrying him in and remaining together until their split in They remain friends. Today, she has an award-winning range of body care products and regularly appears on television and in magazines. Jon is a respected music journalist who has written for magazines and newspapers including Mojo, Q, the Guardian, the Observer and The Sunday Times.

Marc Randolph Netflix co-founder and first CEO shares the behind-the-scenes origin story of the major international brand that changed everything about how we consume TV and film. Netflix has grown into a worldwide brand with more than million subscribers across the globe. It has completely changed the way we make and consume TV and film but the early days of Netflix were anything but breezy. The number of obstacles and catastrophes that could have derailed the company are mind boggling.

Until now.

api.prod.leadereq.ai/cell-track-reviews-iphone-xr.php Once Upon a Start-up is one of the most thrilling and inspiring business stories that has yet to be told by a founder. It is one of the most highly valued companies in the entertainment world.

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He has founded or co-founded more than half a dozen other successful start-ups, mentored rising entrepreneurs and invested in numerous successful tech ventures. Marc speaks frequently to companies and at industry events internationally. Marc is due to appear in a documentary in called Netflix vs. The World. Today marks the year anniversary of BBC Radio 4's Today programme as told in sixty world-changing events that have been broadcast on the show, from wars, conflicts and shifts in the political landscape to changes in social roles, culture, science and technology.

It consists of regular news bulletins, serious and often confrontational political interviews and in-depth reports. Today has been voted the most influential news programme in Britain, and in recorded its highest ever audience figures, reaching 7. In an era of fake news, echo chambers and significant shifts in global politics, the role of Radio 4's Today programme as the most trusted guide to the world and news around us is more important than ever.

This book speaks to a generation who are switching selfie-sticks for protest placards and showing that every individual has the power to be the change. How to Make a Difference will feature advice and guidance from world-changing activists such as Bob Geldof, Emma Watson and Fatima Bhutto, who have used their voices, their networks and their abilities to change communities, companies and countries. From How to Change the Law, How to Protest, How to Use Social Media Effectively and How to End a Problem Forever and How to Change a Big Organisation, this book truly is an extraordinary depiction of modern-day activism which educates as much as it encourages us all to see the world as something that can and must be changed.

How to Make a Difference is a rallying cry which tells us that we should all be activists. Managing Director of One Young World are the authors of this book. Every year One Young World convenes thousands of activists to work together and accelerate change.

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Reconnect with the seasons with this month-by-month food writer, best known for guide to the world around you. The Almanac the gives you the tools and inspiration you need to celebrate, reinventing almanac for a new mark and appreciate each month of the year in your generation. She contributes own particular way. She lives expeditions, meteor-spotting nights and beach in Bristol with her holidays.

Gentlewoman: A woman who blends old-fashioned values such as courtesy, kindness, and generosity, with a thoroughly modern and open-minded attitude; using her self-confidence to show up, not show off and her optimism to inspire others and build a happier life for herself. Women today are under so much pressure to be everything to everyone: to be cool, smart, fit, thin but not too thin! How to be a Gentlewoman presents an antidote to the multi-directional pressures of 21st century life.

It cuts through the white noise and offers a compelling strategy for living well and thriving. The book weaves powerful memoir with practical advice including mastering a power drill and the importance of making your bed every day and a psychological deep dive into the importance of knowing and liking oneself. This English gentlewoman will teach you that real power comes from within. The true antidote to our brutal and aggressive world is to listen closely, be attuned and rediscover our soft power. It's not she who shouts the loudest who gets heard, it's she who understands the most that holds our attention.

Most recently Lotte was the Deputy Editor of Elle. It is to date, the most read piece of non-celebrity content on the website. Famous for its daily chat and gossip, the biggest celebrity interviews and frank discussions on topical issues from politics and current affairs to entertainment, this time, the women from ITV's hit panel show get honest about life, love and loss. Featuring best bits from the show, classic moments that fans will love and remember, and never before heard stories, fans of the show will love this. They discuss topical issues from a female perspective perspective - from politics and current afairs to the latest showbiz news.

A visual testament to the beauty, grace and fortitude of the world's greatest architectural achievements. In this newly revised and updated edition, you'll discover the political and geographical considerations of the architects who designed buildings, their structural processes, and what makes them so special. Mark Irving has been an art and architecture writer for numerous newspapers, including The Times, the Financial Times, the Independent on Sunday, the Guardian, and the Scotsman, as well as magazines such as New Statesman, Domus and Blueprint.

The ultimate car lover's guide , fully revised and updated for From the first motor cars, classic cars, and seminal designs, to the modern world of electric and driverless cars, this is the definitive guide to one of the most world-changing inventions — the car. This is a must-have title for all car enthusiasts. Simon Heptinstall has is a motor journalist. The bestselling and essential movie reference book fully revised and updated for Spanning more than a century of extraordinary cinema, this volume brings together some of the most significant movies from every genre.

In this newly revised and updated edition, you'll find over original movie posters and hundreds of unforgettable movie moments. This the ultimate guide for film lovers. Steven Jay Schneider, one of the true connoisseurs of movie horror, has written, talked, taught and published extensively on all aspects of film, from aesthetics and psychoanalysis to the joys of the slasher flick.

Here he has brought together more than fifty of the finest writers, reviewers, critics, professors, aficionados and filmmakers from around the globe. An entire race was born when J. He has published more than twenty books in the fields of poetry, ecology, natural history, fantasy and mythology. His enduring fascination with complex mythologies led him to J. The bestselling Giles compilation is back! Giles enthusiasts and cartoon lovers will delight in this brand new compilation of classic cartoons filled with his inimitable style of dry wit and British eccentricity.

Mischievous parrots, tortured teddy bears and hapless hounds can all be found getting into the oddest of scrapes to the side of the main action.

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Centring on the archetypal dysfunctional cartoon family, Giles expert John Field encourages you to look beyond main action and revel in detail beyond. There are cartoons to enjoy, with each given context and insight. Could you be the person behind the stumps making the decisions? Test your knowledge of the game with You Are the Umpire, featuring illustrations from legendary artist Paul Trevillion. With expert text from retired umpire John Holder and an array of bizarre and entertaining scenarios for you to adjudicate on, this is an engrossing and entertaining read.

John Wakefield Holder spent 22 years as a high-class umpire.

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He was appointed by the International Cricket Council as one of five worldwide regional umpires' performance managers. Fully revised and updated ahead of the Ashes, this is a gripping history of sports' oldest rivalry. Includes complete statistics and records of all the Ashes fixtures. Simon Hughes is a Cricket Analyst. Hughes has previously commentated on Channel 4, Channel 5 and Test Match Special, as well as writing regularly for the Daily Telegraph. From the magazine synonymous with style comes the ultimate guide to the greatest cars the world has ever seen.

From classics of the s to the very latest machines, featuring sultry Italian supercars, classic British engineering, pure American muscle and much more besides, GQ Drives is an indispensable handbook of automotive excellence. As well as overseeing the Food and Drink sections of the magazine, he is the Sport and Motoring Editor. During his career he has driven some of the most expensive, exclusive and downright fastest cars in the world. He has written several cover stories for GQ and his work has appeared in the Guardian, the Telegraph and The Spectator, among others.

For 30 years, GQ has been the premier magazine for men. The definitive story of Jaguar, exploring years of outstanding luxury cars, with never-beforeseen images and material from the Jaguar archives. Known for elegant design as much as for pushing the limits of speed, the brand has always been at the cutting edge of mechanics without sacrificing aesthetics. Today, he travels the world for press presentations, news reports and long-distance motoring tests.

Do we really have a soul mate? Why do we kiss? Does size really matter? Can you actually die from a broken heart? Infactuation looks to answer the questions that philosophers, poets and scientists have tried to demystify over the course of humankind's history.