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You've been making good time lately, but now it's time to stop and assess the situation before you move ahead any further. As you contemplate the events of the past couple days, you finally understand why you've been paying in advance. The events that are taking place right now are just a logical extension of your work up until this point.

Enjoy your new flexibility, because you might not have much of a choice in the matter in the coming days.

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If you want to advance, you have to pay attention to the smallest details. By watching where someone looks, you can follow their train of thought, which in turn gives you the advantage. Honesty is always welcome here, with extra points for being upbeat in your delivery.

Daily Horoscope: March 18th - March 19th

As the Moon moves through its current Sign, you will probably find that the plan carries itself out with little effort from the planner. It will be interesting to see how the events unfold from this point on. You can't help but get caught up in the latest office or family drama. You realize that involvement turns someone else's issue into your personal headache, but that doesn't stop you from getting in the middle of it all.

Astrological Forecast for Wednesday Aug 07th, 12222

The right of refusal has the ability to validate your sense of entitlement without actually giving you what you deserve. The best way to avoid rejection is not to care about the outcome. Show your inner strength and resolve. You'll be happy to know that your luck is beginning to pick up speed again, Sagittarius. You stand to gain from a miracle, even though you didn't have any part in making it happen. This is an opportune time to start a new adventure.

Even the best emotions, like a fine wine, can impair your judgment if you indulge too heavily. Now that you have adopted a 'live and let live' attitude, it's perfectly acceptable to expect it from other people. You've come a long way in your quest for knowledge, but you still don't know everything. There's still so much to research and investigate. You may be frustrated because you don't know all of the details, but on the bright side, think about how much you're learning. It's important to send up a warning flag as soon as you see a harmful pattern emerging, Capricorn.

After all, you should know by now that too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing. An intense connection with someone new could cause you to pick up and move to a completely new location without warning. The people in your life should know by now that nothing can hold you back when something else is attracting you. You thrive on being a free spirit who is moved by powerful urges. The intangible world is as familiar as your own back yard right now.

Newcomers deserve the grand tour, so don't be afraid to show them all that you have to offer. Mistaken identity is funny if it happens to someone else, but not so much when it happens to you. The headache begins with switched nametags or evidence that an evil twin is somewhere out there in the world.

Straighten this mess out before it ties you in knots, Pisces. You might have to rely on other people for assistance if you get too frustrated to continue. This is a good time to call in a favor from someone who owes you one. This is a great day to spend time with the people you truly care about. Your presence may be reward enough, but be sure to give a little something extra to a really deserving person. Clearing out your inbox now will leave you ample time to enjoy the weekend. No matter how difficult an obstacle may be to overcome, have faith that you'll eventually find the answer.

You could find assistance from surprising sources.

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If all outcomes could be perfectly computed beforehand, it wouldn't be necessary to go through the motions of living life. Take a leap of faith. Your greatest aspirations are within reach if you apply the effort and take the appropriate action. Taking a new approach to your love life could prove enlightening.

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LEO July Aug. This is not the time for testing innovative methods, as the old standards will get the job done most efficiently. Don't lose faith if you find that you are temporarily being stymied. Your goals could be shortsighted if you assume that you'll always be exactly where you are now. Reflect on who you are now and what you want to become. You may be waiting for some time if you assume that others can read the hidden meanings in vague references. Be clear and direct to be certain that everyone understands.

If you've laid out a proper timetable for your activities, you should have no problem getting everything done today. Avoid playful distractions until the weekend comes. The only way you may get through to a friend or loved one is to lay it out fully. It may seem harsh now, but eventually they should appreciate it.

It's OK to play the lottery, but keep your day job and give your career more time to bear fruit.

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Business matters should take the forefront until Friday. If you speak honestly and from the heart, you'll have little trouble gathering valuable support for your cause. Others may not agree with you, but they'll admire the way you say it.

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It's true that it might be easier for everyone if you just accept the consensus, but don't give up on what you believe in. Remember that you're not alone. You may be given recognition or an opportunity to showcase your skills, but you may be required to work extra hard just to meet minimum requirements. It could be difficult or even unwise to put some plans into action despite advice to the contrary. Late September may be the best time to make changes or decisions that involve your business or money. However, your workload could increase as October comes into view, and you would be wise to maintain a low profile then, as others may be more critical than usual.