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For other Lagna there is no reference in 'BR' related to this topic. Pratipada :Having Bad company, poverty, black spot to the family lineage.

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BPHS The Sage Parasara said. O Maitreya! The person, born on Amavasya, is always poverty stricken.

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It is therefore essential to adopt remedial measures to obtain relief from the evil effects of such births, which are, as follows. Take a Kalash water vessel and then put in it fresh leaves of Goolar wild fig , Vata banyan , Pipal, mango and Neema mango trees and cover it with two pieces of cloth. Then install the Kalash in the South-West direction after reciting … etc. Mantras for Candr 16, or 5 times. Later sprinkle the water on the child, that is born and his parents and offer in charity gold, silver and a black cow together with feeding the Brahmins, according to ones means.

By performing these remedial rites the child born gains freedom and protection from the evil effects of the birth on Amavasya. Thankyou, Regards, Vijay Goel Jaipur. Hi, I have one question , what is the effect to husband if a boy marries a girl born on amavasya day ,boy was born on purvashadha 4 padam it is a sandhi Nakshatram between purvashadha and Moola.

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Sir I was born on Nov9th I. Hey,I was born on 26th september ,Saturday amavas. I really want to know when I m going to get a job and whether there is any chances of going out of india or not. Hello sir, I was born on 28 January at 8 am amavasya, friday in jabalpur MP, it was also raining. I want to know Whether I will gain more success or fall in my life also at what age.

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Next day was Gudhi padwa I got my exact birth date at the age Birth at Mumbai. Post a Comment. Saturday, March 28, Amavasya Birth. I wrote this article under some discussion on Amavasya births. Dear All, Here i am producing some compilation regarding to the topic. Labels: Amasvasya , astrology , dark forthnight , purnima. But the physical body of each Graha is only a small fraction of the whole concept of the term " Graha " as the planets representing Grahas are only terminals or visual forms. Grahas are also Devatas Deva is the Sanskrit term for male-deity, Devi - the Sanskrit term for "female-deity , which are the sources of energies that structure everything in our world.

With the right use of knowledge about those or other influences that Grahas have, the one can create a Kundali horoscope at any object and get a specific picture and knowledge about it. The word " Rashi " can be translated from Sanskrit as "the beam of sparkling constellation" and means the zodiac sign. Each Rashi , being a specific zone in space and time, is responsible for certain areas of life for each person on planet Earth.

Nakshatras are 27 lunar constellations that in Vedic mythology were considered as 27 wives of Chandra Moon. According to the legend Chandra was supposed to visit each Nakshatra in strict order, without giving preference to any wife. Krishna Amavasya is the name for the 30th Tithi New Moon lunar day. It's the 15th Tithi of Krishnapaksha.

It's nature is Pitri Prada , which can be interpreted as "related to ancestors".

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It's good for following works: religious works; Yagya , donations, Agnihotra , Aganyadhan ; ancestral works; meditation, activation of Mantras. All other auspicious works not related to ancestors will be destroyed if done during Amavasya. The main idea for Amavasya is that Pitris should be honored during this lunar day. Although being Poorna that can be translated as "full", "complete" or "perfect" and ruled by Guru Jupiter , 15th Tithi of Krishnapaksha is suitable only for works that related to Pitris. Other works that related to Poorna Tithis 5th, 10th or 15th are prohibited, as Chandra Moon will be combusted the state that's called in sanskrit as Ashtami or Mushti , Tithi Gandanta , Maas Gandanta , Paksha Gandanta etc.

Also it's a Parva Tithi which should be avoided during all auspicious elections. Being Galagraha Tithi it should be left in all Manglik elections.

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  • But being Manvadi Tithi Krishna Amavasya should be avoided in starting of education, Upanayana , marriage, ending of fasts, construction of house and entering thereof; travelling; plantation works. We will be very grateful if you help developing this project by sharing this page.

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