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Therefore, you know each other well and you can understand each other with just a wink. Once Scorpio can support and make Pisces feel secured and relieved, it will be not difficult for you to stay together for the whole life. Under the most mysterious sign in the Zodiac, you have a very different view on love and you are absolutely clear about what to love or hate. You two are very attractive to one another at the very beginning and your relationship is just like a dry faggot on a blazing fire; however, if you fail to handle it properly, the result will be as serious as the nuclear bomb.

You should not act rashly but start from the friendship naturally to see one another clearly and avoid getting hurt seriously. Just image, how serious the result will be! It might be fun at first but it will get harder as time goes on. Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator.

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Your Astromatcha Score. Hi, how would a male sun sign Scorpio match with a female Scorpio rising sun in Capricorn? B Norris July 11, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Click Here. Their connection is nothing but ordinary and they can go through many ups and downs. Only if there is true love and respect they can succeed. When you see this man you will notice his strong looks and body.

His body looks like a rock.

His physical aspect can tell you much about this man. That means that he is stable and genuinely strong person.

Friendship Compatibility For gemini And scorpio

His beliefs and attitudes are pretty much strong, based on logic and real experiences. Taurus people are almost never such individualists but they are independent people from early age. Strong and hard on the outside but in the inside you will find softness. This man is a very loving person and capable of having deeper emotion and feelings.

Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

He is always emotionally attached to a woman if he decides to have something more than just friendship. These emotions come slowly but with intensity as the time goes by. Taurus knows how to get to the heart of a woman and will try to seduce her with expensive dinner and romantic music, nice perfume or luxurious jewelry. He has nice classy and expensive taste and knows good things in life. Apart from that, he is great lover and posses great stamina. His sensible side can show up and will please his lady to the maximum.

Scorpio and Leo compatibility in friendship

When Taurus is making love, he puts up all of his senses. His touch is so pleasant and can take girls to heaven.


Capricorn and Scorpio Compatibility: The Sage and the Sorcerer

Physical touch is very important for Taurus and loves to cuddle a lot. This habit comes form very early age but when older it becomes more intensive and he relates it with emotions.

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He is in constant need of loving someone and showing it throughout physical love. In the contrary, he is much eager of tender love than a few passionate moments with a stranger.

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Taurus is extremely loyal and expect that from the girl he loves. He prefers traditional girls, with nice behavior and manners.

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There can be moments when he shows jealousy and it can be pretty awkward. Overall, even though he has pretty inflexible character and persona the truth is that this man has mild nature and he will do his best to have the girl he wants.